Critical Care Transport in Virginia

Delta Medical Transport, Inc. is a leading critical care transport provider in Virginia, offering quality medical transport to patients. Our ambulances are well-equipped to provide critical care services as well.

Delta Medical Transport, Inc.

What Makes Us your Trusted Medical Partner

We believe in changing with the times and adapt to the world. We are her to provide excellent basic ambulance transportation services that are patient care centered and customer care oriented. Our outstanding and unique ambulance transport services are unmatched by any other company.

Our Business Values

Our Mission is to assist our customers by providing superior customer service and support. We look forward to working with you. Knowledgeable​, compassionate, and highly trained providers to care for you or your loved any day of the week.

Delta Medical Transport, Inc.
Allie Duran
Delta Medical Transport, Inc.

Our Community Work

Allie came up with the best patch design for us. The triangle, having three points, is representative of Delta in that it takes three points to be successful in EMS transportation.

Those points are our company, our vendors, and our patients. The three smaller triangles have a different number of lines per triangle. The top has 11, the right bottom has 18, and the left bottom has 13. This is the date we, after much hard work, obtained our EMS license (11-18-2013). Granted, we had performed wheelchair and ambulatory transports for 10 years, but EMS service is a new venture for us and we wanted to note that.

Lastly, the state of Virginia is in the center of the patch because we feel ALL Virginian’s (not just those confined to our direct service area) deserve to have excellent care and EMS transportation services and it takes all healthcare services in Virginia working together with a central purpose to be successful in excellent patient treatment and care.